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Advanced Neurosurgery of Hawaii

About Us

Welcome to Advanced Neurosurgery of Hawaii. Founded by Dr. Thomas Noh, our practice is built on a profound understanding of the patient journey, informed by Dr. Noh’s own experiences with major surgery. This foundation inspires our dedication to empathy, precision, and exceptional care.

At Advanced Neurosurgery of Hawaii, we are committed to integrating the most advanced technology and techniques available in neurosurgery. We are proud to have introduced endoscopic spine surgery to the state — a testament to our pursuit of less invasive and more effective treatments. Additionally, we have pioneered protocols such as the first intraoperative MRI for cranial procedures, enhancing surgical accuracy and patient safety.

Our team ensures a seamless care experience from the initial consultation to recovery. We offer transparent pricing and efficient coordination of care, allowing our patients to focus entirely on their healing process.

Every step at our clinic is designed to ensure that patients receive the most sophisticated and considerate care possible. At Advanced Neurosurgery of Hawaii, we treat more than conditions; we care for individuals on their path to recovery.

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